Technology Support Guide

4 Questions To Ask Your Prospective IT Support Company



Choosing the right service for your company's IT support may not be easy. Luckily, there are some few questions that you can ask, which can help you find whether your prospect service provider is deserves to be of your service or not.


Question number 1. Which geographic area does the company is covering - in the event that your business is operating internationally, then you'll need to find a company that is offering competent services in all areas where your business is in place.


Question number 2. What is the level of support the company has - in reality, it has been a common practice for IT support companies to offer their service that is in line with the budget and specific requirements of their client.


Pay as you go support: In this type of service, you're asked to pay either a set amount or on hourly basis. Oftentimes, many clients find this arrangement to be costlier.


Break fix support: This could be charged on hourly basis and can be paid advanced or even later after the job is finished. Furthermore, the clients are also given the choice to pay periodically like half year, once a year or at the end of each quarter.


Managed IT Service Dubai: If you opt for this support, the company is going to supervise your system aggressively to reduce the chances of things to go bad. Most of the time, it amounts to signing of annual maintenance contract.


Support including parts: It indicates that the company will provide free repair or replacement of the hardware component in this specific support. This is actually a costly proposition on the part of the support companies which is the reason why only few are offering this type of support.


Question number 3. Does the company guarantees response time - when you are facing times of difficulties, then you surely want the company to provide support that you need in specified time to which it has to offer guarantees. As a matter of fact, this varies with the Computer Support Dubai that you are willing to pay. In addition to that, there are times to which it may take longer than expected for the company to find the exact fault and be able to rectify the problem.


Question number 4. Are you contracting a dedicated account manager - companies of today have become more aware of the business strategy of their clients and thus, they take the appropriate measures to be sure that they accommodate all of its IT requirements.


Make sure to ask these questions to your prospect to increase your odds of finding the right IT support company.